Sunday, 23 September 2007

No round two for now

Hi to everyone who's still around, waiting for round two.

We're both a bit busy at the moment, and don't have the time needed to run the exchange properly.

Sorry about that.

You can find an excellent list of Knitalongs and Exchanges here.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

And the winners are...

Drum roll please...

By the very scientific method of drawing names out of a bowl, the Best Treater winners are:

Idle fingers are the work of the devil

The Plucky Knitter

Some Bunny's Love

Marion's Memory-stek

Celadon Cupcake

A little thank you will be on the way to you tomorrow.

I'm sorry we couldn't sent out gifts to all the Best Treaters, you all did a fab job of treating, and I hope you enjoyed the exchange!

Best Treater

And the nominees for Best Treater are:

Alabama Fiber Dreams for treating Adventures of my Creativty

Knitty Kitty Kat Chat for treating Knit Lunabud Knit

For the Love of Crafts for treating T-Town Knitiot

Gardening Knitter for treating My Photographic Life

Adventures of my Creativity for treating Idle fingers are the work of the devil

Turtle Knits for treating Zebra Knits

Mommy Susie Knits for treating All it took was just one stitch

The Frog and the Daisy for treating Des aiguilles et du fil

One More Row
for treating The Bag Lady and The Pro (The Bag Lady)

The Bag Lady and The Pro (The Bag Lady) for treating My Obsession with Knitting Perfection

The Plucky Knitter for treating Chic with Stix

Clickety Knits for treating The Knittin' Coop

Knit One Insane 2
for treating Alabama Fiber Dreams

Ingrid Knits for treating Caffeinated Knitter

Some Bunny's Love for treating Serendipitous Opportuknitty

Sharp Sticks and String
for treating Barb's Space

Baa Bonny Belle for treating Heges Hobbykrok

Yarn Floozies (Dotty) for treating Some Bunny's Love

Knit n That for treating KaKi's Knitting Basket

Idle fingers are the work of the devil for treating Intro to My Brain

Not So Carbon Neutral
for treating Jeanne Knits

Marion's Memory-Stek for treating Loose Yarn & UFOs

Art, Memories and More for treating Celtic or Knot

Knitting Into Oblivion for treating The Adventures of SanFaerieAnne

Lizard Knits for treating Knit One Insane 2

Lorenzo Knits in Circles for treating From the Wool Room

It seemed extraneous at the time for treating Random Meanderings

Yellow House Treasures
for treating Yarn Floozies (Dotty)

Beautiful Things for treating Gardening Knitter

Knitting Kitties for treating Knitting Into Oblivion

Teaandcakes for treating Always Knitting

Jeanne Knits for treating I Heart Knitting

Celadon Cupcake for treating Tangelled Angel

Karma Kitties for treating Retro Mummy

I Heart Knitting for treating Knit Happens in Half Moon Bay

Elisa's Crafts Corner for treating Knitty Kitty Kat Chat

A Few Yards Short of a Full Skein for treating Knit n That

Tangelled Angel for treating Karma Kitties

Life's a Stitch for treating Elisa's Crafts Corner

The Pink Pirate for treating Amusing Myself With Yarn

Wow! There have been some fantastic packages sent out, and it's great to see so many nominations for Best Treater.

It'd be waaaay too difficult to try and pick from these, so we'll be having a random draw to decide the winners. In the mean time, I recommend popping in to some of the blogs above and having a look at some of the great gifts - and, of course, checking out the treaters' blogs!

Winners coming soon!

*Edited to add in extra nominations

Monday, 21 May 2007


Hi everyone.

Just a couple of points:

1. If you have any issues that you'd like looked into please email us rather than posting in the comments - it's a lot easier for us to deal with things that way, and please do tell us if something is wrong - we can't try to fix what we don't know about.
knitterstreat (at) gmail (dot) com

2. The postal system is a strange thing. I know some of you are waiting on packages. Unfortunately that's something I'm powerless to fix, and I know it's just as distressing for the people who have sent them and are waiting for them to be received. Please try to be patient. We do have a couple of angels on standby if new packages need to be sent out.

3. I'll be drawing the best treaters on Tuesday night. Any nominations received after then will be added to the list on the blog, but will miss out on the drawing. Sorry. I know it's not perfect, but it's the best I can do.

4. I know this really doesn't apply to most of you, but if you haven't done so yet, please thank your pal. A lot of time goes in to putting together these packages, and it's just polite to say thanks.

Righty-ho, that's it for now.
Oh! Almost forgot.

5. There will be a round 2. :-) It'll be later in the year, probably sometime around September, October or November. We'll post details up here closer to the time so keep an eye out.

Monday, 14 May 2007

The Packages Keep on Arriving

Hi Everyone

As quite a few packages seem to be still on their travels to their new homes, we'll extend the best treater competition until the end of this week.

I'll pop a list of nominees to date up later in the week, along with some details about round 2.

Enabler Teaandcakes

Friday, 4 May 2007

Have you got your package?

Wow, the 5th came around really quickly didn't it?*

Everyone should have received their packages by now, but I know that there are a few that are either:
a) In transit. Be patient with the postal service.**
b) Almost posted. I know one or two people are waiting for deliveries of things for their treatee.

If your treatee hasn't received their package from you yet could you please let them know that it is on the way and they haven't been forgotten. If you can't contact them please contact one of us so that we can pass it on.

If you have received your package please could you make sure you've let your treater know that it's arrived safe and sound. Of course, I wouldn't need to remind anyone that it's polite to say thank you now, would I?

If you haven't received a package or heard from your treater that it's on the way please let your enabler know so that we can follow up.

Hopefully we won't need any angels to send out an extra package, but just in case, if anyone would like to offer please do and we'll let you know if it's needed.

Phew. A long post this. Just need a sip of my tea...

OK, finally. Nominations for Best Treater will stay open until Friday 10th May.

Thanks a million everyone, the exchange has been great fun and it's been great to see so many wonderful packages!

*Yes, I do know I'm posting this on the 4th.

**As an example, my postie never delivers packages. They're supposed to attempt delivery twice, and leave a card on the 2nd attempt. Instead they hang onto it for a day or two to pretend they've tried, and then leave the card, then I need to go collect it, but it's difficult to get to the collection point and make it to work on time so I can't always go right away. Plus, it's a Bank Holiday here in Ireland and also in the UK (yes, they are completely different countries, you know, like America/Canada, or Australia/New Zealand). This means that in theory while my package may be waiting for me right now I won't find out about it until Tuesday evening, and won't be able to collect it until Wednesday.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Contacting your Pal

If there is anyone out there who has still not contacted their pal by email or by commenting on their blog, can you PLEEEASE remedy this as soon as possible??

There are a few people out there who still havent heard from their treaters and are feeling a little you would be if you hadn't heard from your treatee.

Please contact them, this is supposed to be fun for everyone involved!!!