Thursday, 15 March 2007

Button Help

Are there any kind people out there who could explain how to put the button on to a blogger blog?

I just tried and couldn't figure it out (my personal blog is run on Wordpress instead), and we have a request for help - I know from reading some of your blogs that it's possible - any suggestions?


Enabler Teaandcakes


karla said...

It varies from blog to blog. Perhaps I could be of more help if I knew which blog site the user was having trouble with.

Basically, the HTML of it is this: You find somewhere to host the button picture, and make note of the URL (or address). If hotlinking is allowed, then you just need the address of the pic wherever it is. Use that address in place of PIC ADDRESS in the following example.

(a href="")(img src="PIC ADDRESS")(/a)

In place of LINK TO EXCHANGE, use a link to the Knitters Treat Page, and replace the ( and ) with < and >.

If there's a sidebar in your blog, there's probably a place to add this code, or somewhere for you to add links with photos.

Valerie said...

Karla's explanation sounds pretty much right on.
For a squee more discussion, you can check out this post from last summer on my blog