Thursday, 29 March 2007

TWO days to go.....

Oh, we are excited!
There is TWO DAYS until close of sign up's, and we can't believe the response we have gotten so far!
So, for any of you lurkers out there, last day of sign up is Saturday, the 31st of March.

We have been, are, and will be going through all your blogs, matching people up, and you will hear from us by the 9th of April with your matches.

Hope you are all looking forward to it as much as we are!!

Oh, and if you haven't posted your questionnaire, could you please do so as soon as you can, and make sure that it is visible for your treater to see, i.e. not buried under hundreds of posts.
Not that hundreds of posts is a bad thing, it just needs to be easy for them to find.

Of course, your treater will get to know you from posts that you have written as well, so make sure you keep them up!


Claire said...

Actually...tomorrow is the 30th - is the KAL closing tomorrow, or on the 31st? I'm thinking about joining up!!

Knitters Treat Enablers said...

Oh so it is.
Silly silly me!!
I will amend immediately, thanks for keeping me on my toes

Mia said...

I will go and repost the answers on my blog. It has become buried.

Sharon said...

by the 9th we get paired? Oh that is my little miss Sunshine's 4th birthday!! I get a present that day too. Hooray!