Saturday, 21 April 2007

Contacting your Pal

If there is anyone out there who has still not contacted their pal by email or by commenting on their blog, can you PLEEEASE remedy this as soon as possible??

There are a few people out there who still havent heard from their treaters and are feeling a little you would be if you hadn't heard from your treatee.

Please contact them, this is supposed to be fun for everyone involved!!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Best Treater?

The packages are starting to arrive now (don't panic though, you have until May 5th to get them to your treatee), and there have been some great gifts.

Now, if you think your treater put a really fabulous package together for you, put a comment up on this post so we can see what you were treated with. (blogger users, your profile is fine if your blog address is listed in that, non-blogger users please put your blog address in)

After the exchange is over we'll draw a few people from the nominated treaters for an extra little treat package from us!

Monday, 16 April 2007

Have you contacted your treatee?

Hi everyone

Just a reminder that you need to have contacted the person you're treating by now to say hello - this is so we know that everyone's still taking part and can re-assign people if necessary.

If you haven't heard from your treatee let us know and we'll follow up (some people are on holidays and things, so we can check stuff like that out).
Thanks a million!

Hope you're all having a great time planning your packages for your treatees - I know I'm enjoying buying things for mine!


Sunday, 8 April 2007


We'll be sending out matches today and tomorrow (there are lots to send so may take a couple of sittings, please be patient!).

What to do then:
Contact the person you're treating to say hello and let them know that they do have a treater.
Don't let them know who you are though - it should be a secret until they get your package!

Some suggestions of how to do this:
Comment anonymously on their blog.
Send them an email from an account that doesn't identify you.
Send them an e-card. (e.g from Hallmark, E-Cards, Lion Brand - make sure you use an anonymous email address for this)

If you can't contact someone anonymously please let us know and we can pass on a message for you. If you'd like a gmail invite so you can set up an anonymous email address then let us know and we'll send you one.

If you haven't heard from the person spoiling you by April 16th please let us know so we can chase up. We want to make sure that everyone gets treated!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Please post your questionnaire

We have been having a great time going through some of your blogs, in order to match you up, getting to know you all.
However, it appears that there are still some people who haven't posted their questionnaire.
Either that, or its somewhere that I can't find it.

Could everyone please ensure you post your questionnaire today.

If questionnaires are not posted on your blog by tomorrow, the 4th of April, we will assume that you don't want to be matched, and have pulled out of the exchange.

We have had 140 people (approximately) signing up, from what seems like the four corners of the world! We are a bit gob smacked at the amount of people who signed up really, its great!!

So....we will be in touch between now and the 9th, sending out your matches.

Remember, make sure your questionnaire is posted!!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Sign Ups Closed

Sign ups have now closed for the exchange, and with about 140 participants we're going to have to be strict on that. If you've missed out this time don't worry, we'll probably do this again!

For those of you that have signed up please make sure that your questionnaire has been posted to your blog - it's one of the conditions of the exchange that it's up by April 1st.

We're working away on the matches now, and will have your treatee's details to you by 9th April at the latest.

If you're signed up but have changed your mind and no longer want to take part please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can take you out of the exchange.

Looking forward to the treating beginning, and seeing what you all send to each other!