Sunday, 8 April 2007


We'll be sending out matches today and tomorrow (there are lots to send so may take a couple of sittings, please be patient!).

What to do then:
Contact the person you're treating to say hello and let them know that they do have a treater.
Don't let them know who you are though - it should be a secret until they get your package!

Some suggestions of how to do this:
Comment anonymously on their blog.
Send them an email from an account that doesn't identify you.
Send them an e-card. (e.g from Hallmark, E-Cards, Lion Brand - make sure you use an anonymous email address for this)

If you can't contact someone anonymously please let us know and we can pass on a message for you. If you'd like a gmail invite so you can set up an anonymous email address then let us know and we'll send you one.

If you haven't heard from the person spoiling you by April 16th please let us know so we can chase up. We want to make sure that everyone gets treated!


Sharon said...

I have already heard from my buddy!! So sweet!

Janine said...

So exciting! It comes at a perfect time because the event that I'm planning is pretty much in order now. There'll be time for knitting and posting and shopping for excellent treats - SUCH fun!

Anne said...

WAH I don't have my buddy yet LOL. It's okay - with organizing my own exchange, doing SP 10, it's not like I lack for exchange goodness, I'm just joking around :) It will be fun to have another new friend to spoil though!

Knitters Treat said...

Be patient Anne! We need occasional breaks from sending out matches for knitting, drinking tea, eating chocolate and, well, sleeping!

Kate said...

I have my match so I can plan my treats. Just a note, I don't normally open e-card as many of them are spam traps so if someone decides to contact me this way I hope they clearly identify themselves as from the Knitter's Treat.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

I thought that too and may send an interesting email instead,are the hallmark ecards free ones?,never used them before!
I am already planning treats!!!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Well that was quick,I have my Buddy lined up,now to finish the list,have nearly everything thought wise anyway!!!!

Cat said...

This is going to be fun, so thank you ladies for doing this!

Devonshire said...

Just wanted to check that you are still working on the emails...looking forward to my match up. Happy Monday!!

Geekzilla said...

Yippee! I have heard from my match. Now for shopping! WHEE!

Thanks Enablers! :)